Corporate culture

First, corporate Code of conduct:
The way of harmony establishes the business of integrity
Second, the company's code of conduct for employees:

Build a ladder for employee growth
Third, staff code of conduct:

1, employees to the enterprise: cherish the enterprise is to treat themselves
2, employees and employees: How should you treat others if you want to be treated by others
3, employees and supervisors: respect is mutual power is interactive
4. Communication: empathy, concentric interaction
5, etiquette: details reflect taste
Iv. Organizational Code of Conduct:
Clear responsibility for efficient operation 
5. Corporate External Conduct Code:

Create benefits for customers and create value for society
Employee to customer: Customer is another self
Employees to society: love is mutual return is a two-way street


1. Enterprise Mission:
Lead superior space

2. Corporate Vision:

Leading Jiangxi door and window curtain wall decoration industry, become the domestic first-class decoration company
3. Corporate philosophy:

Serve customers with heart and feeling
4. Enterprise spirit:

Sincere communication and win-win cooperation
5. Corporate value system:

(1) Resource view - Unlimited resources come from unlimited creativity
(2) The concept of development - think ahead and do it well
(3) Talent view - use the right people to do the right thing
(4) Institutional view - institutional power + innovation power = control power
(5) The concept of competition - market volatility wins
(6) Management view - fine process benefits priority
(7) Quality concept - quality comes from details
(8) Brand concept - trust comes from value
(9) Service concept - responsibility is service
(10) Learning view - Learning ability determines enterprise growth ability
(11) Environmental view - creating eternal green