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Frame curtain wall

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Frame curtain wall

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1, the frame fan indoor or outdoor coplanar design, the appearance is simple and smooth, the rain flow is vertical and smooth, and the watertight performance can reach 5。
2. All frames and glass are installed indoors, making the construction safer and more convenient, and the maintenance and replacement more convenient。
3, the elevator is connected by special connectors, using the structural bearing capacity between the profiles, with the top wire limit, the connection is firm and reliable。
4, all frames and fans are made of aluminum alloy Angle code, assembled by 45° Angle of impact, with high strength two-component Angle code glue, the connection strength can reach 1 ton。
5, the frame fan are strengthened by stainless steel Angle sheet, the connection strength is greatly improved, and the corner of the frame fan is more flat。
6, more window type selection, can achieve flat doors and Windows,.The combination of upper hanging window, fixed window, inner opening and inner reversing window and various window types can meet various engineering needs。

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